Braska (endsorrow) wrote,

fic ᘒ the first summon

High above the dream city, a glowing magic circle appears amidst clouds and thunder. Something great and dark drops down through the center of it, and as it dives closer and closer to the city, its bright, colorful wings can be made out to be folded against a dark form. Next, there's a gleam of gold, and if one looks, one can see a large wheel with an intricate sun-like design in the center. The creature swoops down among the buildings until it reaches its destination. It rights itself and expands its wings just before it lands heavily, shaking the ground with its weight.

It's a tall beast, looking almost like a dark bipedal dragon. Its belly and claws are lined with gold, horns curve back from its head, and it has a long lashing tail. It roars to the sky, announcing to the city its arrival. It crosses its arms over its chest and looks down at the man standing in front of it.

"It's good to see you, old friend," Braska says quietly, looking up at his first aeon. "I must admit, I'm surprised that you answered my call, but... I'm glad. I'm not sure I could do this without your help."

The aeon answers by kneeling. The summoner steps forward and climbs up his offered arm to sit on his shoulder, one hand moving to grip the dragon's horn, the other gripping his staff.

"We have a job to do."
Tags: fic, ilpromenade
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